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COVID, Lab Ramp-Up

We are happy that some of our lab members are able to return to the lab for a hands-on experience, after 3 months of being closed for COVID. We can only have 3 members in the lab at any time. Due to social distancing, it will not be possible to train someone through typical close shadowing. I will use Zoom to answer questions in realtime for lab members while working in the lab. Thanks to Aziz for coming in and getting our experiments in an upswing. We are also happy that Brooke Tran will be returning to this lab this summer, and we thank AMGEN for the scholarship that is supporting her. David will return to lab to finish his experiences before he graduates. We will miss our recent graduates, Kuangyi Zhou, who was able to return to Beijing to visit his family, and Catherine Yang, who has returned to her family in Atlanta. We will restart our lab meetings on Fridays at 4:00 pm this summer over Zoom. We will have a few presentations of research, but mostly I want lab members to have a chance to get together and socialize while we endure these long months of staying, mostly, at home.

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