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Lab is a great place to be during this SoCal heat wave. Aziz and Brooke are working hard making progress on using CRISPR to mutate E. coli. Genewiz was able to synthesize a pCRISPR plasmid with our desired spacer for less than it cost for us to clone this spacer ourselves. Thank you Genewiz for speeding up the progress of our research. We continue to run the lab at a 25% capacity, which is a total of 3 people each in a separate bay. We anticipate Janine, Ashley, and Jasmine returning to lab by October 1. We will also have a new lab member, Mattie, join at this time. We will have to carefully coordinate the when each lab member is in the lab. I am preparing to teach my first online large lecture course in the fall. We continue to keep our momentum up during this safer-at-home pandemic period.

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